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Our Why

Derived out of despair, and a need to create safe, helpful spaces for others to get support through hard times. A vision has come to life. ITOR is an organization that strives to provide a place of comfort and peace, first and foremost. Many issues addressed through our services  experiences that our team have been through. As persons with lived experience, we understand the feelings of frustration you may have. Here, judgment is nonexistent and disrespect is never tolerated.               


ITOR understands the importance of having a stable and productive life. We support individuals who reach out to us and have made a commitment to help themselves. 

We provide support geared toward accomplishing that mission, which includes but is not limited to, addressing stigma and raising awareness, practicing and education on the benefits of Mental Health and Harm reduction Peer Support Services.


IITOR believes that a healthy mind means a healthy life. We meet individuals at their point of need, taking one step at a time, ensuring that the importance of becoming inspired, educated and empowered individuals is the ultimate goal.


Our Team

Yvette Markey - Founder/Executive Director - CHW/CRS|Y-MHFA|A-MHFA|CAPRC II-MH|MATS


Tiana Markey- Creative Programs Development Director - CHW/CRS|CAPRC I

Tanisha Smith Deuett- Finance/Account Manager

Famous Markey- Director Marketing/Media - CHW/CRS

Janaya McCloud- Program Assistant 

Tiffany Markey- Administrator


Eric Walker III- Visionary-  Youth Communications Lead

Josiah Carter- Visionary – Youth Athletics Lead


Mecca Andrews Hill- Harm Reduction Ambassador CHW/CRS


Antwoine White - Outreach/ReEntry Coordinator


Tanisha Smith Deuett- Finance/Account Manager


Najee Omuwumi- Bookkeeper

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