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Derived out of despair, a vision has come to life. IToR is a place of comfort and peace, first and foremost. Many issues addressed through our services provided to you have been felt also by us. Whether directly or indirectly affected, we understand the feelings of frustration you may have. Here, judgment is nonexistent and disrespect is never tolerated.               


Ideally, an ITOR visitor understands the importance of having and/or gaining a stable and productive life. An individual reaching to ITOR commits to helping themselves and the mission that will leave them encouraged and better equipped to navigate through the hurdles that come with life.

We provide support geared toward accomplishing that mission, which includes but is not limited to, addressing stigma and raising awareness on mental issues and disorders. This is done in various ways depending on specific need. Always, at the center of conversation is the importance of first, recognizing behaviors, then next understanding the ways to understand how to get proper diagnosis and treatment. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a mental illness just because there’s a mental issue.


IToR will facilitate open forums on discovering ways to recognize triggers. We believe that a healthy mind means a healthy life. In addition, the other components will focus on the goal of meeting individuals at their point of need, taking one step at a time, ensuring that the importance of becoming confident, inspired, empowered individuals is the ultimate goal.


That other component we provide is support with understanding and learning the importance of possessing sufficient life skills. Based on an individual’s life situation and need we help with things such as Interviewing, Public Speaking, Parenting skills, Online Etiquette and Mannerisms, as well as Personal Grooming. A clothing and food distribution will be a part of ITOR.


IToR’s target population is individuals between the ages of 14-22 years old, although some services are available to some others. Please call for further details regarding this stipulation.

Our Team

Yvette Markey - Founder/Executive Director - CHW/CRS|Y-MHFA|A-MHFA|CAPRC II-MH|MATS


Tiana Markey- Creative Programs Development Director - CHW/CRS|CAPRC I

Famous Markey- Marketing/Media - CHW/CRS


Janaya McCloud- Program Manager


Eric Walker III- Visionary-  Youth Communications Lead

Josiah Carter- Visionary – Youth Athletics Lead

Ray Lay- Trainer|CHW/CRS|Veteran Peer Support Specialist|SME


Mecca Andrews Hill- CHW/CRS

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