At InTouch Outreach (ITOR) we're committed to helping people to help themselves. We offer Peer Recovery supportive services to individuals and families in need, individually. We believe wholeheartedly that the building up of people first, then places and things is the epitome of

Hope, Grace and of Peace and Love.

Our Mission is to connect individuals and families in need to people who care. We are a local 501(c) 3 Recovery Community Organization located in Central Indiana. We are proud members of the Indiana Recovery Network (IRN) and the Indiana Association of Peer Recovery Support Services (IAPRSS). With this membership collaboration, ITOR links individuals and families specifically; individually. If you or someone you know is struggling with Substance use and/or Mental Health recovery issues please contact us today! Individuals seeking help overcoming psycho-social barriers; such as poverty, unemployment, homelessness or hunger as well as trauma and addiction are encouraged to apply for services through ITOR. Through our mobility and many other Community collaborations, we're creating happiness in healthy, fun community spaces where people are more inclined to seek help to overcome their obstacles .





Individuals and/or families who need help understanding the process of healing and recovery, can find a supportive environment at ITOR. See below some of the issues we address:

• Mental Health Disorder & Stigma

                                       • Recovery

                                       • Trauma/Grief

 • Substance Use Disorder


What are your needs? 

• Early Recovery Skills intervention?

• Relapse Prevention Group?

• Help getting into treatment?

• Help navigating the mental health/judicial systems?

• Someone to just listen?​

Maybe, just a voice to mediate complex situations with you?



We're here, and it's because we understand life throws us loops, and that life can be hard. Recovery processes are and can be frustrating, it's why we offer opportunity to connect people in need to people who care. Schedule your Services Intake Interview today!

Connect today, for engagement soon!

InTouch Outreach Resource Center

4084 Pendleton Way #154

Indianapolis, Indiana, 46226


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